Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pill popping

My mom and I watched an interesting episode of Oprah yesterday. It was about a lady who was addicted to prescription medication. (Everything from pain killers to antidepressants.) They added up all of the pills that she roughly takes per year, and the staggering result was more than 7000. Then a clear canister was brought out that was filled with 7000 pills. It was interesting to see the visual of all those pills in one canister. It was a lot!

I'm on lots of prescription medications because of my paralysis... about nine or 10 medications in all, and that averages out to about 30 pills a day, give or take a few. (I also included the over-the-counter drugs that I take everyday.) My mom and I wondered how many pills I'm taking every year, so we tallied it up and the answer was almost 11,000!! I wonder what a canister filled with my annual dose of pills would look like! (Of course, all of my pills are legit!)



Crazy! I think you should be on Oprah...I would watch!

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