Saturday, September 19, 2009

Interview, part two

This past Wednesday I went to speak to my friend Lacee's nursing class for the second interview in the three part interview I'm helping her with. I have to confess that I was quite nervous at the prospect of going to speak to Lacee's class; fortunately, the class is very small. (There are only seven students including Lacee, although, two of them were out of town, so I talked to four of Lacee's classmates and her teacher.) Once I arrived, all of my nervousness went away, and my mom and I answered questions for about 90 minutes. Everything went so well and I actually really enjoyed myself. The ladies were so nice and I loved answering their questions.

A couple of the nurses in Lacee's class seemed very interested in having me come talk to different doctors and nurses that they work with. Again, I kind of get shy when it comes to talking to new people, but if I can do any good by sharing my story and experiences, then I will try to overcome my timidity.

Lacee had told her classmates how much I love sandwiches (Quiznos, in particular) so they brought Quiznos, chips and chocolate cake (also my favorite) and we all ate together dinner after the interview was over. I was so pleased that Lacee and her classmates were so excited that I came. It was a really enjoyable evening!


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