Saturday, September 19, 2009

My namesakes

One of my favorite topics to talk about is baby names. I'm not sure why, but it probably has to do with the fact that I think that I have great taste in children's names. Unfortunately, I won't ever get to use my favorite names since I don't have kids and I'm sure I never will... in this life, at least! However, I do have two nieces named after me, and here is a little bit about how each came about.

The first is my niece Kate, who was born on March 19, 2003. I remember having a telephone conversation with my sister Sharon when she was pregnant with her second child (another girl). I asked her if she knew what she was going to name her baby. She said, "Katherine Irene." I was shocked that she was using my middle name for her baby. Actually, I passionately hated my middle name when I was a young girl. It's kind of unusual and I thought it sounded like an old lady name. However, as I grew older I minded it less and less, and now I actually like it. I hope Kate doesn't hate her middle name like I did when I was a little girl. This picture is Katherine Irene (Kate):

My second namesake is my oldest sister Miriam's third daughter, Courtney. Miriam was pregnant with her when I had my car accident. All of my sisters came into town that Thanksgiving (10 days after my accident) since it was unclear whether I would live or die. I remember asking Miriam if she knew what she was going to name her baby. She asked if I had any suggestions, and I remember saying, "Heather." It's kind of ironic that I suggested my name because I've never been overly fond of it. However, it was probably a stroke of inspiration, and Courtney Heather was born on January 12, 2004. This is Courtney and me:

I really feel honored having two of my nieces named for me, and hopefully they will both find it neat/significant someday.


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