Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer recap: May

Now that it's September and school is back in session, I feel like summer is over, even though it won't be "officially" over for another couple weeks. I'm always sad when one season ends because I know it will be another nine months before it comes around again. Although I don't like humidity, I love hot weather. Most people think I'm crazy for enjoying hot weather so much, but I love sitting outside feeling the sun on me! I've had a great summer, and here are some of the highlights:

My sister Sharon and her family visited the last week in May. (I know that May isn't technically summer, but I consider it summer.) It was so fun to see them, especially the girls. My grandparents also visited that same week, so we had a full house. We had a mini reunion one day that week because my sister Annette and her son were in town. My sister Laura and her husband came down from Maryland Heights, so five of the seven Johnson sisters were all here together.

I also went to the St. Louis Zoo when Sharon and her family visited since the temperatures were so pleasant. It had been eight years since I had been to the zoo, so it was fun to go again, especially since my nieces were so excited about being there.


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