Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blessed Day

Sunday was a special day because my newest nephew (David, who was born at the end of December) was blessed in church. I haven't been able to attend the majority of the baby blessings for my nieces and nephews since all of my older sisters live out of state, but since my sister Laura lives here locally my mom and I were able to attend. Our older sister Annette just happened to be in town visiting this week, so she and her kids were able to come to the blessing as well. Laura's husband, Brett, also had some family at the blessing; his parents from Ohio, and his older brother Bodie (from Kansas City) and his wife Melanie and three of their kids. It was great to have so many of us there to support Laura's family.

After church we had a dinner for everyone at my house. We had a house full and things were noisy and kind of nutty, but it was fun. My only regret is that we didn't get very many pictures, so that was disappointing for me as I am someone who loves to "document life." However, I guess it's more important for everyone to have an enjoyable time than to add even more stress to the occasion by asking people to pose for lots of pictures.

We managed to get a few pictures, though, but they didn't turn out all that well. The lighting wasn't particularly good and taking pictures of a squirming infant and a very wiggly 18-month old is tough! It would've been much nicer to go outside for pictures, but by the time dinner was over it was already dark outside. Oh well!

Here's David in a little white tuxedo that Laura found for him. He swam in it, as it was absolutely HUGE on him even though it was an extra small, but he still looked absolutely adorable!
Here I am in a picture, and here are a few pictures of Annette and Rebecah with Baby David.
Here are a few pictures of the cousins playing together, and Mom and Annette working on dinner (taco salads).
Laura found a recipe for chocolate lovers cupcakes on Pinterest and they tasted really good and were really cute.


Libby said...

First off, I'm glad Laura lives close so that you can be present for the special day. He's a cutie. It's weird thinking of your little sisters all grown up since I probably haven't seen them since I was in the ward in '95. We were young and they were still little primary kids :) Now, here's the crazy thing. We're in Bodie and Melanie's ward!! It's a small world. I'm in the primary presidency so I get to enjoy your sister's niece and nephews every week.

Anonymous said...

Such sweet photos!

Heather, Your face looks so much thinner. That diet of yours is really paying off.


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