Monday, March 26, 2012

"The Hunger Games"

Last Saturday Chandra was off work so we went to see The Hunger Games. I'm glad it was her off weekend because I really didn't want to have to wait to see it! I'm not sure what the overall consensus has been from movie critics and die-hard fans, but all I can say is that I loved the movie!

I thought the movie was very well made and I thought it was really well cast, for the most part (I wasn't crazy about the actor that played Peeta). However, overall I think the characters were portrayed very well. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job playing Katniss, and Stanley Tucci (who I love, love, LOVE) did a great job playing Caesar Flickerman.

There was a fair bit of violence, considering the nature of the book, but I thought the killing scenes were very tastefully done. You knew what was happening without having to see a lot of gore. The Hunger Games was great and I really can't find much to criticize, except that the movie might've been a little confusing to people who hadn't read the book and didn't know the gist of the book. I can't wait to see the other two books come to life on the silver screen! Heather's rating: 9.5/10 stars


Jen@Because I can said...

I want to see this so bad! I'm not sure when I will be able to go with my hubby with his job and conference this weekend...I am about to just take Andrew and go myself one morning!

Laine said...

I agree, I loved it too!

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