Friday, March 9, 2012

Visit from Annette

My older sister Annette and her two kids visited this past week. Annette's husband was in Colorado for a work conference, so she thought it would would be fun to spend the week with my mom and me. We didn't do anything exceptionally exciting, but we had a fun just visiting and hanging out.

Annette decorated my room for St. Patrick's Day by hanging these shamrocks she made from the valance above my window. I think they turned out really cute!
Another thing we made were these really cute Christmas tree ornaments made out of grosgrain ribbon and pearls. This was a craft I found on Pinterest a few months ago that I've been wanting to try. They turned out really well, so I was grateful for Annette's help making them. (Chandra photographed them and I think the pictures definitely do them justice!) I can't wait for Christmas to roll around again so that I can try them out on my new Christmas tree! Like I said, they're really easy, so if you're interested in making them, click here for the instructions.
Pictures of us making the ribbon Christmas trees:
The last thing we made were some paper ball lanterns for Easter. (Another project I found on Pinterest; click  here for the instructions.) They turned out a little differently than they were supposed to because I didn't realize the cardstock we were using would be too thick for the tiny little brads that hold the balls together.   Oh well, they're still cute and now I know next time I make them to use paper that's a regular weight instead of cardstock.

This is the cardstock I chose because I thought the bright colors would look nice and Easter-y (since Easter is what I wanted to make them for; they will look great hanging from my window!).


Lisa said...

Super cute holiday decorations.
I wish I was crafty creative. I love the shamrocks your sister made to hang in your window. Super cute.

Karen Mortensen said...

Love all the stuff you guys made. So cute.

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