Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!

It's hard to believe it's already time for spring again because I could swear winter just started! But if I forget it's spring, all I need to do is look outside because it's definitely spring in Missouri! The grass has gotten so green (and long) in the past few weeks, and the trees are in full bloom. It's getting light so much earlier and getting dark later so much later, we've already had several thunderstorms , the daffodils in our front yard have already come and gone for the year (daffodils never last long enough) and spring's soundtrack of lawnmowers and chirping birds fill the day from sun up to sun down.

Part of the reason it's hard to believe that spring is already here is because our winter was quite warm. Whereas our previous winter was unseasonably cold and we got much more snow than usual, this past winter was quite the opposite. We didn't get near as much snow as we usually do (only 6 inches total) and the temperatures never seemed to get very cold. From everything I heard on the news it seems like most places around the United States had a warmer winter than usual. Weather patterns can be crazy and it makes you wonder if there really is something to global warming or not!

Speaking of global warming, winters definitely don't seem to be as harsh as they were in the 1800s, or even 50 years ago. I don't know if this is truly due this global warming, or just different weather cycles, but all I know is that it doesn't snow as much now as it did when I was a child, let alone decades ago. I guess that's a good thing in this day and age of cars and people's busy schedules, but I think it would kind of be fun to get snowed in every once in a while! Call me crazy, but I think it'd be fun!


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