Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Party

Today is March 14, so my friend Kellie had the great idea of having a pi party (to celebrate the number 3.14), SO a bunch of our friends headed to our church where we would have plenty of room for everyone (and their kids) to socialize. My mom made a Tollhouse pie, which is like a big chocolate chip cookie, so that was really yummy. The other two pies that I really enjoyed were a chocolate peanut butter mousse pie and a chocolate chip cheesecake with chocolate glaze topping. I'm glad these recipes are on Pinterest because they're definitely keepers! If you like yummy desserts, I highly recommend them!



Ahh, sweetened condensed makes everything taste good! I really liked your mom's too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

We did a spin-off of your toffee pie with Andes mints. We subbed the mints for the Heath pieces, added a little green food coloring for visual appeal and used a chocolate (graham) crust. It was FANTASTIC! If you like the idea, maybe you would consider putting all your sweet treat recipes in a blog post for one stop shopping! :)

Adam said...

LOVE me some Tollhouse pie!

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