Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Times with Kimball and Rebecah

Earlier today I wrote about my sister Annette's visit. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with her two kids, Kimball (4) and Rebecah (2). They are such cuties! Here's a little bit about each of them:

Rebecah has been extremely shy around me, but each time I've seen her (which has only been a few times in the past year) I've tried to work on getting her to warm up to me. Last year she wouldn't even get near me, and this time we even exchange some kisses, so I think that's progress! When Annette would ask Rebecah if I could kiss her she would daintily stick out her hand in a "you may kiss my hand" position. And when I asked for a kiss back to Rebecah would kiss my forehead. It was so sweet and truly melted my heart. This is Rebecah with her "Fur Real" cat that she got for Christmas. I loved hearing Rebecah say "kitty cat" over and over; it was so cute!
This is Kimball. It took him a couple days to truly warm up to me, but after a few days we were buds. (Although, I think it was maybe more the fact that he really loved my new reciner and always wanted to sit in it when I wasn't more than it was me!) He really liked watching TV with me, especially the weather portion of the news, the IHOP commercial with The Lorax in it and Anderson Cooper's afternoon talk show. Kimball was also in my room when I was watching the show My Collection Obsession, and the couple that was featured in the episode I watched really love Cabbage Patch dolls (they have more than 5000 of them). and Kimball thought looking at all their dolls was fun.

When Annette and I were crafting in my room Kimball asked his mom, "When is Heather going to get married?" Annette said, "I don't know; soon, I hope." Then she asked him, "Who should Heather marry?" I wasn't sure what he would say, but I wasn't expecting him to say, "ME!" Maybe there's hope for me after all, although I don't think I'm allowed to marry my nephew! ;)


Julie said...

Awwww! Your interactions with Rebecah and Kimball are the sweetest! Thank you for sharing them, Heather.

Carol Ann said...

Hi Heather,

Wow, Kimball has a really great smile, so natural. And of course Rebecah is so cute.
I love photos of children and these are adorable kids.
Hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Till next time,

Tina said...

Such a cute niece and nephew. Where do they get such beautiful eyes?


Your Utah Friend,


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