Friday, August 14, 2009

Anderson Cooper, anyone?!

Ever since my accident I watch Live with Regis and Kelly every morning while I get dressed and up in my wheelchair or recliner. I Love Kelly Ripa so much because I think she is so funny. She's so personable and witty, and I always laugh so much when I watch her.

I love it when Regis is gone and different people fill in for him. It's fun to see Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos cohost together because they just talk about their life and their kids and they seem so down-to-earth!

However, Anderson Cooper is my favorite substitute cohost, by far! It's fun to see him break out of his usual CNN job and just be real. It's funny to hear him talk about all of the reality TV shows he watches. You wouldn't think a guy that works as a reporter for CNN and 60 minutes would have time to watch reality TV shows, but he does. He's so dreamy and I love when fills in them for Regis. I wish every day were Anderson Cooper day on Live with Regis and Kelly!


nyn said...

I love to watch Regis and Kelly too. I usually watch while I workout. And I agree, Anderson Cooper is my favorite sub cohost. I am sad I missed it if he was on today.

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