Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Organizing my closet

This morning my mom was helping me organize my closet. I've always been a very clean and organized person, so I appreciated her helping me get things cleaned up to my standard. (I tend to start feeling a little stressed out when there is clutter and disorganization around me!)

My room isn't exactly large, and I've got lots of stuff to keep track of. I like to know right where everything is, especially since I can't get get up and go look for it.

I've always loved stuff that helps keep things organized. I recently saw an infomercial on TV for these Wonder Hangers (I can't remember if that's the correct name or not, but it's something like that). I know that Walgreens has a huge selection of "as seen on TV" products, and sure enough they had the Wonder Hangers. (And they were a really good deal... $10 for eight Wonder Hangers which each hold five hangers.)

I'm the kind of person that likes all of my clothing evenly spaced in the closet, so these Wonder Hangers are great for that. They also collapse and give you the option to hang your clothes vertically if you want to hang them that way to save space. What an awesome find!


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