Monday, August 10, 2009

Do people regularly go to church anymore?

Yesterday was Sunday, so I went to church. This seems natural and logical to me, but when I paused to think about this yesterday, I realized that so many people don't go to church on a regular basis! I've gone to church just about every Sunday of my life (25 years). I've probably only missed church between 10 and 15 times in my whole life. (Not counting the 10 months after my accident.) I'm not trying to brag or it sound like I'm better than people who aren't regular church-goers, but I'm really proud of the fact that I've gone to church almost every week of my life.

There have been different times in my life when I wasn't exactly excited to go to church for various reasons... like when I was a teenager and church started at 9 AM and we have to leave by 8:30 AM to make it on time! There have been a few other reasons, as well, but I can honestly say that when I come home from church I'm always glad that I've gone.

I have to admit that I didn't gain my true appreciation for church until after my car accident because after my accident I wasn't able to go to church for 10 months. For the first four months after my accident I was in the ICU/rehab hospital, and when I came home we didn't have a handicapped/accessible van yet. We had to buy a brand-new van and the conversion process took about six months, so it was September before I could go to church again. Being away from church for those 10 months seemed him he like a really long time and I really did miss it.

A lot of people belong to a religion, but they rarely go to church, or they only go to church on holidays. In some ways I find that shocking since I've always been a regular church-goer, but then I see how going to church on a regular basis is really becoming a thing of the past. There are so many different religions in the world, and people in each religion think differently and have different practices, but it seems like people used to go to church more regularly/frequently in decades past. Anyway, this is just something I was thinking about yesterday.


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