Monday, August 31, 2009

A fun weekend...

On Saturday afternoon I went to a barbecue in the park with my friends. We were originally planning on going to Cliff Cave Park, but the pavilion had been reserved for a party, so we went to Jefferson Barracks Park instead. The weather was beautiful and lots of people had the same idea as my friends and I did because both parks were full of people who were enjoying the afternoon. My friends threw a football around while our hamburgers and brats cooked. After dinner we had s’mores... my favorite! (It’s just too bad that they are so messy!)
After our barbecue we went bowling at Moolah because a friend had two free hours of bowling. (Moolah is a wonderful place in St. Louis where you can watch movies while sitting on leather couches. Then on the bottom floor of the building there is an eight lane bowling alley.) I appreciated that it was small because it was less noisy and crowded.
Then on Sunday I invited my friend Nate over for dinner. We had taco salads and ice cream sundaes... both are so good! After dinner we sat outside, but since it was an unseasonably cool August evening I went in early because I didn’t want to get to cold. (The high for the day was only 68!) I love having dinner with my friends!


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