Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't get candy like this in the stores

One of the things I look forward to every Christmas is getting the box of candy that my grandparents send us every year. It's peanut brittle and toffee that my grandparents make themselves. The peanut brittle is my grandpa's specialty, and grandma makes the toffee. Peanut brittle often gets a bad rap, in my opinion, since it's usually not made correctly, so it turns out extremely hard. (No one wants to break their teeth on "brittle" brittle!) My grandpa's peanut brittle is so light and so good! The key to its perfection is to use the right amount of baking soda so that it bubbles up. Then when the candy hardens it's nice and light because of all of the little bubbles.

Grandma's toffee is one of my favorite treats at Christmas and always has been. The buttery toffee tastes so good with the chocolate on top. As I said, I always look forward to getting the box of candy that my grandparents send in the mail each Christmas, but unfortunately it never lasts long! (We got it on Friday, and the toffee is already gone, and there's not much peanut brittle left. Too bad!)

The candy that my grandparents make is far superior to any peanut brittle or toffee that they sell in stores. I know that I couldn't find any better candy in the stores, so I'm glad that my grandparents still make it and send it to us every year. Here's a picture of the delicious candy (but the picture really doesn't do it justice!):


Kate said...

I'm on the plane, and just ate nasty packaged cookies and pretzels. This looks like a more satisfying option for sure! Yum!

Cinoda said...

Yum, does this look great. I just bought a box of peanut brittle and had to throw it away. I was so hard, I could not bite into it at all! Let me know if they need another granddaughter to adopt!

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