Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few things I love

Facebook! This sounds weird, and a few years ago I would've never thought I would ever join Facebook, let alone admit I love it, but I do love it. Here's why: the great thing about Facebook is that I'm able to keep in touch in a small way with people I normally wouldn't keep in touch with like casual acquaintances, old friends and people who I'd intend to keep in touch with, but ultimately wouldn't since life is hectic and things always seem to get in the way. It's nice to be able to keep an eye on people from a distance so that I still know what's going on with them, even though I'm not actively calling them up or seeing them on a regular basis.

Blogging! Writing a blog is also something I never thought I'd do, but just like being on Facebook, I find that I'm eating my words! I absolutely love blogging. I never really enjoyed writing growing up, but now I find that I really love writing about myself and my activities, of all topics! I love it when people tell me that they enjoy my blog and when they give me feedback about different things I've shared.

Christmas commercials! I love when seasonal TV commercials come on the air, usually around Halloween. Things just get better when Thanksgiving ends and then the airwaves are bombarded with Christmas commercials! However, the joy I experience from seasonal and/or Christmas commercials turns to sadness the day after Christmas when all of the Christmas commercials are suddenly pulled from the airwaves! I'm weird, I know!


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