Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jared turns three

My nephew Jared turned three on December 9, but we waited to celebrate his birthday until yesterday since his dad was out of town interviewing for a job. It's a good thing he's not any older, because waiting an extra day to celebrate your birthday is tough when you are young! Jared loves music and he wanted a piano for his birthday, so that's where he got! (Last year he got a guitar for his birthday, and little does he know, he's getting a drum set for Christmas.) Anyway, it was so cute to see him sitting on his tiny stool playing his little piano! His brothers also love his piano, especially Aaron who is almost 11 months old. It's precious to watch him sit on the stool and play on the piano!

For dinner we had pizza from Pizza Hut and an awesome chocolate cake made by my sister Kristin, of course! It was such a fun day and I'm so grateful that Kristin's family was around so that I could be a part of Jared's birthday.

Here are some pictures from the celebration:


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