Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the cemetery

On Sunday afternoon we stopped by the cemetery so that my nieces and nephews could see their Grandpa's grave and so that Dad would be remembered during our reunion. I love the cemetery where my dad is buried because it's so beautiful and peaceful. My nieces and nephews always have so much fun walking around and looking at the different headstones. Who would think a graveyard is so exciting?!

Here are a few pictures from the cemetery. They really don't do justice to how pretty the cemetery is, but I like to take pictures of this sort of thing because I think they will be really important to my nieces and nephews in years to come.

   __I especially love this picture of my nephew Matthew sitting on my dad's grave. I think he looks so adorable and sweet!
This is a picture of my sister Miriam's four girls in the Easter outfits that she sewed for them. I especially loved the orange outfit.


Karen Mortensen said...

What nice pictures. I love the headstones that are above the ground.

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