Friday, May 13, 2011

R.I.P. typewriter

I recently heard something interesting on the news that I wanted to write about. The first practical typewriting machine was invented in 1866. It had a pretty long run, but typewriters are now ‘going the way of all the earth’ as they will no longer be produced anywhere in the world.

My mom's 18th birthday present was an electric typewriter, which she tells me was so useful to her, especially when she was in college. She felt lucky to have such a nice typewriter. I have fond memories of playing with my mom's typewriter when I was a little girl. She'd occasionally get it out and let me plunk away at the keys. It was the perfect afternoon activity for a little girl who loved playing with anything that had keys and/or buttons like computer keyboards, telephones, etc.  (That was me!)

[Funny story – my dad was very into computers and electronics, and he would make frequent trips to office supply stores, like Best Buy. He would often take me with him, and my favorite part of the outing was playing with the displays of the telephones and computers that were for sale. Good times!]

My mom still has her typewriter, so I asked her if we could bust it out so that we could have a photo shoot with it. It was fun to see the old thing again, especially now that it's basically an antique! Take a look!


Diane said...

You forgot to mention how your mother even loved the smell of "the old thing"!!!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I do remember these fancy typewriters! I had to learn on the manual ones in school, way back in time!

Hannah, UK said...

I read this in the newspaper today and remembered having read your blog post, thought you might find it interesting! I remember having a toy keyboard when I was a little girl (and I'm only 21!)
God bless!

Becky said...

My parents used to have one just like this! It's how I learned to type...and use lots of Liquid Paper :-)

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