Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A paper to treasure

I was doing a little spring cleaning/organizing the other day and I came across a pocket-sized notebook that I used to jot down notes when I was doing my clinicals in nursing school. Only a few of the pages in this notebook had been written in since my nursing career was cut short far too early. This little notebook is one of my little treasures because it shows the very last words I would ever physically write. Take a look:

I thought this would make a funny little blog post, so I decided to take a picture of these pages. In the first picture you'll notice the date (November 17, 2003) and a few words I quickly scribbled down at the bedside of my patient, Virginia. The perfectionist in me never likes to leave things scribbled and/or messy, so I re-wrote my notes in a slightly neater hand a little bit later when I had a free second. 

If only I knew what was about to happen to me as I was writing those words!


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