Saturday, May 21, 2011

"I'll be back"

Really, Arnold, really?! I certainly hope not any time soon. I think I've had enough of you. I get so sick of hearing about rich, powerful men who have affairs and don't think they'll get caught, or think they're entitled to because of their status. Actors, businessmen, politicians, you name it. 

In the case of Arnold, it makes me feel sad for Maria (and her children) since she had no idea about the affair and illegitimate child until very recently. I heard on TV last night that the illegitimate child was born the same week as Maria's youngest son. The woman that Arnold cheated with not only worked in the Schwarzenegger's house, but continued to work in their home after having Arnold's child. Obviously Maria had to have known this woman and her son. What a horrible role model Arnold was for his children.

I can't believe that Arnold had the gall to run for governor knowing that he had this huge skeleton in his closet. (It makes you wonder what else is hiding in his closet…) Oh, I love how Arnold said, "I'm sorry for the pain this has caused my family." The only thing he's sorry about is getting caught. 

What a loser! And when I say loser, I mean because he lost this…
…a 25 year marriage to a loyal woman who was the mother of his four children four of his children. Shame, shame, shame…


Karen Mortensen said...

Amen. And to think I voted for him. Boy was I off.

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