Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The end of an era

Oprah. You love her, you hate her or you're somewhere in between. Regardless of how you feel about her, you have to admit that she's really and  interesting person and has done some pretty amazing things considering where she came from in life. She was born in a rural Mississippi town in the 1950s, but managed to graduate college, get a job and become extremely successful.

Although I don't always agree with Oprah and her opinion on things, I do respect her and think she's been able to accomplish some really remarkable things in her life, mostly through her television show. She's touched many lives and has been able to help so many people with the wide variety of shows she's done over the years. 

I've been a fan of the Oprah show for a long time, and I remember occasionally watching the show after school when I was a little girl. After my accident I started watching Oprah every afternoon since I'm almost always home. She's really done some fascinating shows over the years! The shows I enjoy the most are the ones about real people and the things they've experienced in their lives. So many of the shows are really lift you up when you hear someone's story and how they've been able to triumph in the midst of trials and adversity.

Oprah's certainly had a variety of looks over the years as her weight has gone up and down,  as styles have changed, etc. Here are a few shots of Oprah through the years:

I enjoyed watching Monday's and Tuesday's shows this past week which were full of celebrities, viewers and other people saying goodbye to Oprah. The final episode of Oprah is on this afternoon, and Oprah is going to spend the entire episode talking about what the show has meant to her over the past 25 years.

4 in the afternoon isn't going to be the same anymore without Oprah!


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