Monday, February 20, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

They say the more you do something the better you become at it. I would say that this is a true statement in regards to my writing ability. Here's what I mean. I started writing on a consistent basis back in 2007. I started keeping a journal; an ongoing Word document that I would add to several times a week. I also wrote my personal history that year, which is basically like my life story. I wrote about my life up to that point, including my childhood growth and development, stories from my life, school experiences and things like that. A few months ago I referred back to it to verify the details of something I'd written about and I couldn't believe how poorly written some of it was! It wasn't awful or anything, but there were just things that kept popping out at me that didn't sound as good as they could. I know if I were writing the same thing today I would be able to get my point across in a better, more clear and concise way.

I've been blogging since 2009, and when I come across things I wrote early on, I also notice things that I could've worded in a better way. I'm definitely not an eloquent, fancy writer, but I do think I have a knack for knowing what words to use so that I can get my thoughts and feelings out in a way that makes sense to someone who's reading it. I really wish I were a better, more gifted writer and that I knew bigger words to use, etc., but I don't. I guess for now I'm content with having an average vocabulary/writing skills, as long as I'm relatively good at expressing myself in a clear way.


Anonymous said...

no worries, you are a great writer, easy to read.

Jackie said...

Heather, if you used bigger words or fancy vocabulary, then average people like me wouldn't understand! You're writing is fine as it is, but you could probably find an online correspondence course if you wanted to. Have you tried writing fiction?

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

You have a gift for communicating what the reader wants to know and have really done a great job taking us through your journey. There is no reason to add "bigger words" to your writing for the readers sake but if you want to expand your vocabulary...keep reading. Reading one of the best ways to become a better writer! :)

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