Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! When I woke up this morning this Valentine was sitting on top of my mound of blankets. It was from my BFF, Mom. I thought the card was perfect for me because of what it said on the inside. I do try so hard to be cheerful and positive so that caring for me day after day isn't quite as discouraging as it would be if I were a Gloomy Gus! 
I told my mom I didn't want any candy for Valentine's Day since I try hard to keep my weight in check, but she disobeyed. She gave me this little box of Russell Stover's assorted chocolates since she knows I love them so dearly. The box is already half gone, so I guess it's a good thing that it only comes with four chocolates!

I absolutely love Russell Stover's chocolates! I have fond memories of Russell Stover's assorted chocolates from when I was a little girl. When my oldest sister went to college my parents discovered a Russell Stover's outlet store that they would sometimes stop at on the way home. They'd often come back with a box of Russell Stover's assorted chocolates – the big box with three different layers of candy. The thing I like best about assorted chocolates is looking at them as I try to select the perfect one. It's fun to have my own box because I've been known to bite into one, eat half and then put the rest of it back to enjoy later before moving on to another! (The bad thing about them is that these pretty little chocolates are highly addicting!)


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