Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Single Ladies, It's Our Year!

Oh my goodness, can it really be February already?! It seems like it was just Christmas! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, time flies, especially when you're having fun (which I am!).

Here's a little-known fact about me: I always flip my calendar a few days early. My mom and sister always give me a hard time over it, but it's just what I do; I can't help it! So yesterday I asked my mom to flip my calendar to February, and when she did she reminded me that it's a leap year. (This is February's picture on my Mary Engelbreit calendar. Isn't it sweet?!)
She went on to tell me that in a leap year women can ask men to marry them. Well, well, well, is that right?! Who knew?!  This isn't something I've ever heard before, but I kind of like the sound of it! Of course I'm only half serious since I definitely think it's the man's place to propose to a woman, but sometimes you need to take the proverbial bull by the horns, especially if said bull is stubborn!

I probably won't be asking anyone to marry me this  leap year, but maybe in 2016 if I'm still on the market. After all, I'll be turning 32 that year and won't be getting any younger! ;)

So if there are any single ladies out there and you'd like to get married, go ahead, be bold and ask. It just might work out for you!


*Elizabeth* said...

Yes, haven't you seen the chick flick "Leap Year"?? I think it came out last year with Amy Adams. it is cute.

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