Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Are All the Clothes?!

My sister Chandra and I went shopping last Saturday since she was off work. We went to Michaels craft store and Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love going to craft stores; they make me happy! They're very dangerous, though, because I could seriously unload hundreds of dollars buying this, that and everything!

I'm constantly seeing fun crafts on Pinterest that I would love to (have someone help me) make, so I decided to go and stock up on crafting supplies since I don't really have any. I only spent $100, and when I say "only," I just mean that I could have easily spent many, many times that amount! Crafting supplies aren't necessarily that expensive when you focus on the cost of individual things, but each craft takes several supplies, so the tab racks up quickly.

Here's a funny story about Michaels. Last year when Chandra and I were shopping I wanted to go to Marshalls; you know the store that sells discounted clothing. Well, all I told Chandra was to take me to Michaels (not Marshalls). When we walked in the door I was surrounded with crafting supplies. I said, "Where are all the clothes?" Chandra said, "Clothes??? We're in a craft store, why would there be clothes here?" Then all of a sudden it dawned on me that although I was intending to go to Marshalls, I'd mistakenly told Chandra to take me to Michaels. I thought nothing of pulling up to Michaels until we were in the store and there weren't any clothes in sight! Silly me! We both got a good laugh out of it and we reminisced about it again on Saturday when we went into Michaels.


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