Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful day

I had an amazing weekend! Twice a year my church has its General Conference, a time when the leaders of the church address the rest of the church. Since my church is worldwide, this conference is broadcast over the television and internet which means we get to watch in the comfort of our own homes. (It's like getting a day off church without getting a day off church!)

In my family we always use this conference as an excuse to make a yummy brunch. This time we made sweet rolls (caramel pecan and orange filled) with cantaloupe on the side. (Cantaloupe is one of my favorite fruits, so long as it's ripe and has a good flavor!)
After the first session of conference was over we all sat outside for a while since it was a gorgeous day. It was a warm, breezy day of about 90°. The only problem was that it was extremely windy! Last weekend we got 6 inches of snow, and this weekend we set a record high temperature. In St. Louis talk about bizarre!!

We decided to keep the party going by having appetizers for dinner. We had hot chicken dip, guacamole and chili cheese nachos with a fruit salad. We opted for a light(er) dessert and decided to try a new recipe – raspberry lemon pudding cake. In my opinion, dessert really isn't "dessert" without chocolate, but this turned out to be pretty good; light and refreshing.
It was a fantastically lovely day!


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