Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's better to give than receive

I agree with this statement in most ways, especially when it comes to gifts and presents, however, there is one thing I much rather receive than give… e-mails/messages! I really hate writing e-mails! Of course, this is just something that has to be done if you want anyone to e-mail you, but I don't enjoy it! 

Why do I hate e-mailing? Well, for starters when I work on my computer it's not as simple as using your fingers to tap out a quick message on the keyboard. It's more complicated since I have to use special software to make my computer work. Although I'm very thankful for this technology and these programs, they don't always work as intended, which is very frustrating. BUT I do what I've got to do since getting e-mails is really important for someone like me doesn't get out much. (E-mails from my family and friends are truly bright spots in my day.) I always try to respond to e-mails relatively promptly so that 1) the work of replying to them doesn't pile up and 2) I always appreciate prompt responses when I e-mail people, so I try to have proper "e-mail etiquette."

Better to receive than give??? In the case of e-mails, I think so!! 


Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really happy to discover this. Good job!

Tina said...


You said you like questions, here is one for you. Who takes your pictures? Do you have a way of doing it or does someone else take care of that?

Your Utah Friend,


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