Monday, April 4, 2011

We call her "Cookie"

My sister Laura, her husband Brett and their baby, Amy, spent the weekend with us this past weekend. Amy is the only one of my 16 nieces/nephews to live close by. All of the other ones live hundreds of miles away, so I'm glad Laura's family lives close by so I can watch Amy grow up. She's 8 months old, so she's at a fun age and is constantly learning new things.

Amy was born with lots of hair, and it's only grown longer as she's grown older. The only difference is that it's changing from dark brown to blond. Amy tends to get serious bed-head, so Laura tries to keep Amy's hair in check by giving her two pigtails on the top of her head. I've been asking Laura for months to give Amy one ponytail, but she kept telling me that it wasn't long enough for a ponytail yet (which was probably true)!

Anyway, little Miss Amy, or Cookie as we like to call her since her last name is Minster, one letter off from being monster (Cookie Monster) got her first ponytail this past weekend. It was so cute and lasted relatively well through the day until she pulled it out and went back to her signature "look."
Life is sure more exciting with kids around!


Stuff could always be worse said...

That last statement is so true! Life is more fun. Beautiful pics!

Karen Mortensen said...

She is adorable.

Laura said...

I have to agree! She's a cute girl, although I am rather biased. We have so much fun with you, and she's really getting to love you, Heather! I'm glad she'll grow up so close to such a fun aunt!

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