Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Persistence of Memory

When I was in high school I took an art class (I love art!) and that is where I first became familiar with the artist Salvador Dali. Talk about a trip! I love looking at his artwork, just trying to imagine what was going through his head when he was working! His most well-known painting is probably "The Persistence of Memory." (A lot of people call it the "melting clocks.") You know the one…
"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali
Anyway, my sister Sharon gave me a gift when I visited her in Mississippi a few weeks ago that I just have to blog about. She gave me my very own melting clock for my room. (She found it at Hobby Lobby of all places!) I've gotten lots of compliments on it so far, so thanks, Sharon, for giving me such a great conversation piece! Here's a picture of my clock (it just sits on a shelf and sort of "droops" down):

Although I like "The Persistence of Memory" a lot, it's not my favorite piece of artwork by Dali. My favorite Dali painting is "Swans Reflecting Elephants." I actually have a framed print of this that used to hang on my wall, but I took it down a few years ago when I put up picture frames of my family. I love this painting because it is so creative! It's definitely one that you have to stare at for a while to soak in all of creativity.
"Swans Reflecting Elephants" by Salvador Dali


Stuff could always be worse said...

I Love this art, have not seen him but the melting is neat! I may get me a clock like that since I love clocks :)

Karen Mortensen said...

Never thought I liked him but I do now. These are awesome paintings.
Love that clock.

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