Monday, February 14, 2011

My life's mission

I've been blogging since July of 2009 and I love it! At first I wasn't sure what I would write about and if anyone would read my blog or not, but it's really taken off in the past 19 months. I write about all sorts of things, both serious and funny, like my personal experiences, my thoughts about different things, current events, pop culture – pretty much anything that strikes my fancy!

One of the features on the Blogger website is the "stats" button where the author of the blog can click on it and find out how many page views their blog has had, where the traffic to their blog comes from, and things like that. As of this morning, here are how many views my blog has had (not counting my own visits to my blog), and where they've come from:
United States: 12,288
United Kingdom: 1088
Canada: 606
Netherlands: 471
Germany: 334
Australia: 213
Italy: 205
Israel: 134
Taiwan: 122
Spain: 82

Can this really be true?! On one hand it's hard for me to believe that people all over the world are reading my blog, especially in places like Israel, Taiwan, etc., but on the other hand if it's on the stats page, it's gotta be true, right? I guess I'll believe it until I find out otherwise, even though it's hard for me to wrap my mind around. I just wonder where these people in foreign countries find my blog!

Regardless of if it's true or not, I really feel like blogging is part of my life's mission. A lot of people tell me how inspiring I am, but I always cringe when I hear this because my intentions are not that I'm trying to inspire people. I'm just trying to let people know that when tragedy strikes and your life suddenly changes from what you always hoped and dreamed it would be, that it's possible to still be happy and find joy. That's all. But I guess if people want to call me inspiring, I'll take it as a high compliment and try to do my best to live up to the praise.

I don't feel like I'm doing anything noble or extreme, I just feel like I'm doing what I can to be like Jesus. I always think that if Jesus could put up with all of the things that He did and still hold His head up high, then I can certainly live my life with a smile on my face since my life isn't nearly as difficult as Jesus' was.

I pray every day that the Lord will bless me that I might be able to write in a way to touch the hearts of others.


Tina said...

Happy Valentine's Day Heather!

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

Oh but you ARE inspiring! You give me strength every day!

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