Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strange weather we're having

We are currently having another winter storm, which is just fine with me because I love snow. This latest storm has caused quite a buzz in the St. Louis area since it's supposed to be this huge ice storm/blizzard, so I thought I would share a few thoughts about it on my blog.

First of all, yesterday I saw some stories on the news where they were reporting that many of the grocery stores in the St. Louis area are running out of food necessities, like milk, bread, eggs, etc. I've always been amused when a huge storm is predicted, and it causes the shelves at the grocery store to go bare. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of stocking up and being prepared, but it just makes me laugh, especially when it's reported on the news.

When I heard that there was supposed to be another major storm with accumulating snow, I got excited like I always do! You'd think that over the years I would've learned to expect the worst (which in my opinion is no snow or not near as much as was predicted or not is much as everyone else in the area) but I can't help but get excited when it is in the forecast! Don't get me wrong, we are getting some winter weather, but so far it's just been sleet. What they're saying on the news is that the more sleet you get now, the less snow you're going to get later on when it's supposed to all change to snow. How frustrating! I don't care about sleet; I want snow – and not just a little snow, I want at least 8 inches, preferably more!

Something else that makes me laugh is how this snowstorm has made the news stations hijack the airwaves! They've preempted usual programming all day, which I personally think is a bit much, but what do I know. I know they're trying to keep everyone informed, especially since the storm seems to be changing a little bit, but do we really need to have this 24/7 news coverage?! I can understand updating things every hour or so, but nonstop coverage?! Oh, and the televised press conferences about the storm have been funny too. I know, I know, it's better to be safe than sorry, but it seems like people get a lot more worked up than they need to be when it comes to the weather!

This is the school's NINTH snow day of the year! I'm sure there will be at least one or two more snow days this week, and I wouldn't be surprised if school was canceled every day this week when all is said and done, but we'll have to wait and see. It's crazy that there have been so many snow days this year, especially when I think back to the year I graduated high school (2002) because there weren't ANY snow days that year. Talk about disappointing since you don't have to make up the snow days when you're a senior!

I have to admit that this storm is really packing a punch when you consider that it's affecting 30 of the 50 states. (That's what I heard on the news.) Also, I have a friend that lives in Oklahoma, and she said that it was 78° where she lives last Saturday, and now just a few days later she's getting anywhere from nine to 13 inches of snow. What a difference a day makes!

So, I say, "Bring on the snow!" Just so long as we don't lose power since it's especially inconvenient with my situation.


Tyler and Jen said...

I know what you mean...they have really been worked up about this storm, and so far...nothing much. I am very disappointed! Sleet is gross, you can't really play in it, and it doesn't make anything looks pretty. And I am SICK of snow days! :)

Loretta Valenta said...

Heather, I am so jealous of all the snow that everyone is getting. It seems that here in Kentucky we are in a warm bubble --it was 50 today! UGH! How can a girl get any good snow out of that??? We might get a a dusting tomorrow but so far that is it for us. We are all rain right now -- we are expecting about an inch of rain! If the rain was snow that would be a foot of snow for us. THAT would be exciting! :)

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

And this is due to global warming? Did the woolly worms predict the winter correctly? Loretta, I like the way you think!

Cinoda said...

And here I am in southern AZ complaining about 43 degrees with plenty of wind. Our weather forcasts are also going crazy. The chill is here they say, cover your plants tonight. But they also just said that we are probably balmy compared to the rest of the country. Brrrr.......

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