Saturday, February 5, 2011

So beautiful!

I've talked a lot about the weather this week since we've been experiencing weather that is a little different than the norm for St. Louis. We usually have one or two small snowfalls of a few inches each, but this year we've had at least five significant snowfalls. (I'm starting to lose track since there have been so many times we've gotten snow!) Last night on the news I heard that we were supposed to get an additional one or 2 inches of snow in the night, but I didn't know if we really would.

We did in fact get snow, even more than they predicted, which is a nice change! We got about four or 5 inches, and it coated the trees quite nicely. Here are a few pictures of what I woke up to this morning:

Another few inches is supposed to fall tomorrow afternoon, and then it's supposed to be bitterly cold after that. This is the way winter is supposed to be, and I love it!


Jackie said...

It's very pretty, you have some lovely photos. However I don't like the snow. It's so cold and I hate being cold!! I work outdoors and I just can't seem to get warm again. Also, in the UK we're just not geared up for snow, and everything just grinds to a halt when it snows. The roads become frozen over and no one can go anywhere. So while I love the look of the snow, I'm happy just to look at your photos!!

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