Sunday, February 13, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here are some of my thoughts about this great holiday:

Even though I don't have a sweetheart to share this day with, I really love Valentine's Day anyway. It always bothers me when people who are single say how much they hate Valentine's Day. It just makes them sound so bitter and miserable! Don't they have any family or friends that they love and appreciate? I know that I look at Valentine's Day as a day to honor the people I love.

It IS hard to be alone, though, especially if you want to be married. It's something that is such a sincere and humble desire. I'd definitely love to be married and to have someone special in my life to love and care about me in a romantic sort of way. I just want someone to adore me and someone to be sweet/silly with. Is that asking too much just because I'm paralyzed? No, it's not!

What's your idea of the perfect Valentines Day gift?
1. My favorite gift would be a card with a heartfelt, handwritten message telling me why I was loved and what I meant to the person.
2. Flowers are nice, too. I know that flowers are something that's impractical since they are quite expensive and don't last long, but I love them! How about a bouquet of roses like this,
or maybe a bouquet like this with some lilies.

(I love this kind lily because they look a little more exotic than your traditional rose।) *If you give me flowers, no carnations, please!
3. I'm also a sucker for assorted chocolates!

Another thing I love about Valentine's Day is sending cards to my nieces and nephews. I always loved getting mail when I was a little girl, especially cards on holidays and my birthday. I hope my nieces and nephews will appreciate the gesture, and when they get older I hope they will look back on this with fond memories and know how much I loved/cared about them.

I'm content to just celebrate Valentine's Day with family and friends for the time being, but I hope to one day have a romantic relationship and a special person to share this fun holiday with!


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